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... in my brain actually. My very own brain tumour

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


January 20th, 2008 by John

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This picture needs a bit of explanation:
Many years ago when my children were tiny, I found that I was able to play tunes by turning the garden tap on and off in a controlled manner. Having played Frere Jacques on the tap, I went into the house and found my young son standing outside the toilet with eyes the size of saucers, saying, “Dad, guess what? I was on the toilet and all of a sudden Frere Jacques came out of the toilet bowl.” Of course, the vibrations had been transmitted through the plumbing system, to his astonishment.
Tony Grogan, who saw me on my birthday on 19 January this year, decided to give me a laugh by drawing this wonderul, personal cartoon. Thank you Tony

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These are 5 of the MRI pictures taken on 15 January 2008 which show the tumour and the swelling of the brain surrounding it.


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Pictures of me with friends and family on my birthday - 19 January - a few days after hearing the news about my brain tumour

There is another big pile of pictures at my Picasa web album. If you want to have a look, click on My happy snaps - Album of pics on the right of the screen in my links or just here.